We thanks our medical committe who help us to make the best job.


Dr Muhammed Mharem



Dr Farhat Fadhloum

Consultant of sport medecine

Dr Charrada Salem 

Sport medecine and emergency specialist

Dr Bachar Ben Salah

Orthopaedic and trauma surgery, spinal surgery, sports surgery

Dr Ghouil Moamed  Fadhel

Emergency doctor, sport doctor


F.I.B.A is the biggest federation about Arab boxing. Like every international federation, ours is composed of great personalities who allow to make each event prestigious and luxurious.


F.I.B.A established a number of rules to make every fight exceptional. Rules has been carefully thought for a full action fights. Each rules have two roles, action in fight and fighters's security. all of them were based on traditional Arab Boxing practice. Also, you can read the rules, terms and condition following this link.


We work with a lot media from different countries. More than fifty Arabians television channels, and more than hundred presses from Africa and middle east. You are a press agency and you would like to collaborate with us ? 

Feel free to send us an email.

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