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Meeting in Russia

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Tonight was an important day for the F.I.B.A. It's in Mouscow, where the date of the next F.I.B.A's event has been discussed with Mrs Olga Remizova and her team. Mrs Olga Remizova et Dr Hussain Mustafa are official delagate of international Arab boxing federation and represent us in Russia.

The Next great Event of F.I.B.A will gather Professional fighter of Arab boxing in lot of categories. Many political personalities could be present artist and many champions of Africa.

In this event we would like to bring the light on these two great continents Asia and Russia.

It's an honor for all the F.I.B.A's team to work with such professional and enthusiastic persons with a common purpose. The deputy minister of sport and youth and president of the F.I.B.A, Dr Sederi Hedi welcome and thanks this amazing team of Mrs Olga Remizova et Dr Hussain Mustafa for their work and the involvement in this project.


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