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F.I.B.A : The new face of a federation which live from long time ago.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Even if it's the first time you hear the Name F.I.B.A, The international federation of Arab boxing was created in 1990. Since 1990, F.I.B.A organized lots of events, in different countries like Dubai, Yemen, France, Belgium, Jordan, etc. During long time we work in the shadow but the technology and society lead us in a new way. So this post is for you, our new reader, before you begin to show interest in us, we must show you some old organisations we did.

Each year, F.I.B.A organise events all over the world. The main goal of F.I.B.A is make Arab more popular. We work with great personalities to make it possible. Until this day, every Gala was a success, but now we will focus all our energy to grow the Arab Boxing

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