Our Team

About F.I.B.A's team

We pay the utmost care and attention on the quality of our team. The quality of the team means the quality of our events.​ For a desire of transparency and to commend the efforts of each collaborator we decide to present you all peoples who compose our team.

The team is divided into six committees, each of them represents a part of the work needed to create pretigious event.​


Main committee

Composed ​by the president of the F.I.B.A. Vice presidents, public relation, treasurer, general secretary, etc. All this team keeps the international federation strong and serious.

Docteur jamel kairaouani.jpg

Legal committee

Composed by international lawyers, process legal end of things

Docteur muhammed mharem cardiologue.jpg

Medical committe

They make sure everything is safe for the staff and boxer. they answer to any medical troubles during our events


Media committee

Represented by journalists from all over the world, spread informations, news, press conference about F.I.B.A throughout all continents. ​


Technical committee

Composed by professional of sport, they make sure that equipment are comply with rules and security.


Com. Committee

Before and during the action, the communication team, take video, photography and made all graphic design stuff.